Tips for Succeeding on the Day of a Triathlon

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Triathlon Tips

Originally based in Cape Town, South Africa, Angelique Tostee has worked with a number of international companies and professional consulting companies throughout her 18-year career. Outside of her professional pursuits, Angelique Tostee maintains her fitness through sports such as triathlons.

Even after weeks of preparations and countless hours of training, a poor game-day strategy can mean a disappointing performance in a triathlon. Here are a few tips to keep in mind on the day of the next event.

Eat the right breakfast. About three hours before a triathlon, consume a breakfast comprised primarily of carbohydrates and protein. Your body will need sugar and glycogen to make it through the race, so be sure to include these elements in any pre-race meal. However, be sure to avoid fatty foods such as donuts.

Arrange your equipment. Give yourself ample time to lay out your racing materials before you begin. Place your bike in the appropriate starting position for when you transition from your swim, keeping a towel nearby to dry off. You can also leave a tray of water near your bike to clean your feet before putting your shoes on. Remember to leave your running shoes with your biking equipment to ensure a quick change between portions of the race.

Warm up your muscles. Perform a variety of warm-ups before the event. You can increase your heart rate by swimming laps in the water or riding your bike for up to five miles. In addition, torso twists and practising your swimming stroke will help loosen your shoulders before the water portion. Regardless of your specific exercises, be sure to warm up about 10 to 20 minutes prior to the start of the race.