Permits Needed to Travel in Tibet

Angelique Tostee is a business analyst and project manager who possesses expertise in business problem analysis and business process re-engineering. When she’s not working, Angelique Tostee enjoys travelling. Her journeys have taken her across India and to Tibet.

Tibet, known as the land of snows, is one of the most complicated regions to visit. All foreigners journeying to Tibet must arrange their travel through an agency before arriving in Lhasa, the region’s capital. To prepare for the trip, travellers should contact an agency at least four weeks before arrival. This will give the agency enough time to apply for the required permits.

Travellers need permits to travel. The most common are listed below:
-Tibet Travel Permit, issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau and given to all who enter into the region
-Alien Travel Permit, issued by the Public Security Bureau and given to those you travel outside of the Lhasa and Shigatse area

The travel agency will be able to arrange all permits prior to entry.